How Wealthy People Avoid Estate Taxes

The Basics The estate and gift tax is a tax on the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. The tax is levied when a transfer occurs, which by lifetime gift, or upon death. The estate and gift tax rates start low. The Massachusetts estate tax affects estates worth more than $1 million.

Does Having A Will Avoid Probate?

Does Having A Will Avoid Probate? There is a common misconception that having a valid will allows a decedent to avoid probate. This is completely false. When someone dies without a will, they are considered “intestate”. The Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code includes several formulas for determining the division of assets when someone dies intestate. These

How to Find an Estate Planning Attorney in Massachusetts

For many people, the prospect of discussing their sensitive family and financial scenarios, in the context of their eventual death, is intimidating. Even so, estate planning is an important undertaking that responsible people should not ignore. The best way to improve the process is to find an estate planning attorney with whom you are comfortable.