Estate Planning for Young Families – New Article on

Please check out my article on estate planning for families with young children in the Local Voices section of the Danvers website. Estate Planning Has Added Importance for Families With Young Children Proper estate planning allows parents to protect and provide for their children, even in tragic circumstances.

Trusts for Children: Some Basic Considerations

When estate planners bring up the topic of Trusts with clients, we’re met with a variety of reactions. Often, clients have preconceived notions that trusts are only for the very wealthy, or that they’re extremely complex. Fortunately, once we dispel these myths, we’re able to move on to a discussion of the benefits of trusts

Spousal Consent, Long-Term Care, and Protection of Retirement Assets

A rather specific question was posed to me in the comments of another post, so I’ll address it here. The question posed was: “If a 62 year old widow remarries, and designates his emancipated children as beneficiaries of his 401(k), does he need his new wife’s endorsement to make the beneficiary designations stick? Also, are

What’s in a Basic Estate Plan?

Clients routinely tell their attorneys, “I need a will.” While a few decades ago a simple will may have been appropriate, today’s complicated legal environment requires attorneys to parse through their client’s statement, and determine their true goals. When I hear that familiar sentence, I interpret the meaning as, “I need help.” More specifically, “I